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Philippe LACKMAN


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Par le biais de son site, vous pourrez découvrir ou redécouvrir qui il est.

Le parcours qu'il a déjà effectué tant au niveau personnel que professionnel.

Vous trouverez quelques informations sur ses activités professionnelles présentes.


Comme on n'a pas fait le monde en un jour et qu'un site web doit vivre, Philippe LACKMAN vous suggère de revenir visiter son site régulièrement afin de prendre connaissance de ses hobby's et de ce qu'il apprécie en général


Et pourquoi ne pourrait-il pas rendre son site utile par le biais de liens et de menus adaptés à ses activités du moment tant professionnelles que personnelles ?


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Philippe LACKMAN


* "C'est influencé par notre passé, qu'au présent nous écrivons notre futur"

de Philippe LACKMAN, philosophe à ses heures ... 1964 - ...


  • 2017 is a particularly important year for the great nation of motor sport that is Finland. Indeed, it is the centenary of the independence of this Nordic country which has produced a large number of enthusiasts and several world-renowned Champions. The fourth of the five Competitions of the CIK-FIA...

  • The FIA is to issue an invitation to tender to select the promoter of the CIK-FIA Competitions for a period of three years from 1st January 2018. The terms of this invitation to tender are available on the website ************ Appel d'offres pour la promotion des...

  • The CIK-FIA Competition that has just ended at the Le Mans circuit has exceeded all expectations in terms of battles and recoveries as it reached the mid-season. With four new winners, the provisional classifications have been altered and the Races to the different titles look more open than ever...

  • With nearly 300 Drivers in four categories, the CIK-FIA Competition at Le Mans is set to be crucial for the awarding of four major titles. While the Le Mans circuit has played an undeniably attractive role, many Drivers have also been eager to compete in a good Race in OK and OK-Junior thanks to...

  • At its meeting on 19th June 2017 in Geneva, the FIA World Motor Sport Council took the following decisions on the basis of the proposals of the International Karting Commission. Prime and Option Tyres The Homologation Regulations introduce a time difference of 4% between Prime and Option tyres of...

  • An F3 driver in the 90s, well-liked by all in the karting industry in the 2000s, the Monegasque Hervé Leclerc died on Tuesday 20th June at the age of 54 years after a slow deterioration of his state of health in recent months. Hervé Leclerc passed on his passion for motorsport to his three sons,...

  • The Fernando Alonso circuit, demanding of both men and machines, provided a breathtaking spectacle for the many spectators who attended the CIK-FIA European Championships near Oviedo. Once again the winner, Paolo De Conto is now guaranteed to bring the title to CRG in KZ. On the other hand, the...

  • The next CIK-FIA Competition will bring its participants to the new Fernando Alonso circuit, located in the Spanish region of Asturias, for the 2017 CIK-FIA European Championships. As the season has just begun, the positions are far from being definitive in the three categories in contention and...

  • The first round of the 2017 CIK-FIA European Superkart Championship, in very good weather, presented two faces at Donington. Although the progress of the two Races seemed to be true to predictions, the end result was very different because of several disasters in the first Race. The verdict was...

  • The 2017 CIK-FIA European Superkart Championship will start on the English circuit Donington Park. This season's first Competition will take place during a weekend dedicated to Karting reflecting the British passion for Long Circuit. The european Superkart field has got 30 entrants for the first...

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